Banner Kopfzeile_Teaching1At Oldenburg University, I teach at three different levels as the main responsible person: I organize and teach beginner courses in Environmental Sciences for bachelor students in their 3rd semester (Lecture on ‘Metabolic cycling in central-european vegetation‚ and practical course on ‚Soil science-hydrogeology-ecosystem relationships). The emphasis of this course is on plant physiological-ecological relationships. My duties for this course are (i) giving the lecture (ii) planning the field trips (ii) guide and instruct the student tutors and (iii) the supervision of individual students during the course. For the first semester of the masters studies I developed a course in which I teach theoretical statistical skills in combination with their application in the computer software R.

To learn new techniques of teaching soft skills I participated in the program ‘Hochschuldidaktische Qualifizierung’ of the Universities of Oldenburg, Bremen and Osnabrück. Courses gave insight into didactical designs of lectures, varieties of methods, performance records and examinations, and evaluation and feedback in seminars (specific courses: ‚Evaluation und Feedback in Lehrveranstaltungen‘, ‚Methodenvielfalt und Förderung aktiven Lernens‘, ‚Kompetenzorientiert planen und prüfen‘, ‚Planungswerkstatt interactive Lehre‘, ‚Lehren und Lernen in großen Gruppen‘, ‚Heterogenität in der Lehre‘, ‚Neugierig, kritisch, selbständig und hochmotiviert)‘.

Specific courses:

Winter Terms Lecture ‚Metabolic cycling in central-european vegetation‘ (‚Einführung in den Stoffhaushalt von Pflanzenbeständen Mitteleuropas‘), BSc Environmental Sciences [Bodenkunde, Hydrologie und Ökosystem], 2SWS, module of 9KP
Lecture/exercise course ‚Introduction to statistical methods using vegetation-data‘ (‚Einführung in die statistische Analyse vegetationsökologischer Daten‘), MSc Landscape Ecology [Datenmodellierung] , 2SWS, module of 9KP
Seminar ‚Milieustudie B‘, BSc Environmental Sciences [Milieustudie Naturschutz] (2011/12), 2SWS
Internal seminar of the Landscape Ecology Group for PhD, MSc and BSc students. In cooperation with Prof. Michael Kleyer, 2SWS, module of 15KP
Summer Terms Practical course/seminar ‚Soil science-hydrogeology-ecosystem relationships‚ (‚Bodenkundlich-Hydrogeologisch-Ökosystemare Zusammenhänge‘), BSc Environmental Sciences [Bodenkunde, Hydrologie und Ökosystem], in cooperation with Prof. Giani (Soil Sciences) and Prof. Massmann (Hydrology), 2SWS, module of 9KP
Practical course ‚Milieustudie B‘, BSc Environmental Sciences [Milieustudie Naturschutz] (2012) 2SWS



Julia Bass, PhD student

Tilla Schulte Ostermann, PhD student


MSc Anna Martina Volkert ‚Effects of anthropogenically distributed antibiotics on plant functional traits‘, U of Oldenburg, see Publications

MSc Jelena Gorschlüter ‚Trait-plasticity of three congeneric Impatiens-species as response to different light and nutrient treatments‘, U of Oldenburg, see Publications

BSc Annegret Fischer ‚Effekte von Tierarzneimitteln auf funktionelle Eigenschaften von Pflanzen am Beispiel von Zea mays‘, U of Oldenburg

BSc Niels Kappert ‚Enzymaktivität, Spezifische Wurzellänge und Unterirdische Biomasseallokation von Nutzpflanzen und Arten des Ackerrandstreifens unter Antibiotikaeinfluss‘, U of Oldenburg

BSc Lisann de Jong ‚Do invasives grow better? Testing the growth rate hypothesis of a native herb and its invasive congener‘, U of Oldenburg

BSc Anna Rauscher ‚Variation of plant functional traits during ontogeny‘, U of Oldenburg

BSc Claas Lünsdorf ‚Tree allometry and differences in crown shape in relation to growth strategies between canopy and understory tree species‘, U of Oldenburg

Reader of Theses

PhD Dang Thi Nhu Y ‚Nutrients out of Balance in Vietnamese Aquatic Ecosystems‘, Vrije U of Brussel, Belgium

PhD Marjolein Sterk ‚Operationalising resilience for ecosystem management by assessing ecosystems’, U of Wageningen, The Netherlands

MSc Els Costermans ‚What after alien plant invasion: Effects on native macrophytes and pollinator services‘, Vrije U of Brussel, Belgium

MSc Leendert Plaetinck ‚The effect of herbivore dung addition on freshwater communities in a subtropical savannah habitat – a mesocosm study‘, Vrije U of Brussel, Belgium

MSc Louraine Salabao ‚How diversity influences plant traits and species competition under P-limitation‘, Vrije U of Brussel, Belgium

BSc Waldemar Noll ‚Samenbankanalysen in den Salzwiesen und Wattbereichen vor Spiekeroog‘, U of Oldenburg

BSc Lore de Wolf ‚Impact of giraffe and zebra dung on competition between an Acacia seedling and a savanna grass‘, Vrije U of Brussel, Belgium

BSc Dirk De Groote ‚Ascertain the vegetation succession along the Damma glacier forefield‘, Vrije U of Brussel, Belgium